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About Us

Since 1996, CIR Exteriors’ team of designers, craftsmen, and project managers have been remodeling and improving residential homes & commercial buildings with superior standards throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.  CIR Exteriors is a family-owned general contracting company whose primary goal is producing the highest-quality remodels with satisfied customers.

CIR Exteriors is well known for its keen attention to detail, value-based pricing, and on-time project completion. Additionally, we specialize in using low maintenance exterior products, without compromising on aesthetics.

Whether it’s designing or building a new porch or portico, reroofing, or an exterior siding and trim replacement, our designers and craftsmen at CIR Exteriors will provide the professionalism, service, and highest quality standards that you would expect & more.

CIR Exteriors Will Help You Achieve Your Home Improvement Goals.
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More Than 20 Years Of Excellence

“Staying true to the character of the home and its neighborhood, that is the key to performing a great remodeling project,” says Jon Hickox, whose titles include Head Designer and Estimator for CIR Exteriors.

“In many cases, it is just a matter of updating a home that needs a little TLC; however, this can also be a great opportunity to implement some additional changes and enhancements which can make a tremendous difference in the home’s overall usability and curb appeal. Each home is a different case and it takes years of experience in order to make the proper recommendations as to what design updates make for a good fit for the home and the neighborhood. This is where our design team and craftsmen and all of their experience make the real difference.”