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Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With the Right Siding Color

Siding has replaced exterior paint as the standard for home protection, but it also surpasses it in improving your home’s aesthetic appearance. Unlike paint, siding doesn’t need reapplication and lasts much longer. Read on as Colonial Remodeling discusses how the right color siding improves curb appeal.


Color Hue and Aesthetics

As an expert, local siding contractor, we recommend using a critical eye when choosing the color for your new siding, as this decision can make a significant impact on your home’s overall curb appeal. We suggest choosing a siding color that will complement your landscaping. If your landscaping is lush and green, choosing a light colored siding can be a good idea, as this will help accentuate your yard’s natural beauty.

Earthy tones or neutral colors like light brown, gray, and blue can complement almost any type of landscape. We recommend these hues if you want the color to work year-round and not just during the summer.

Fitting In Isn’t a Bad Idea

While you don’t want your home to be a carbon copy of your neighbors’ houses, it should still fit in with the overall neighborhood aesthetic. For example, if your neighborhood has predominantly light-colored homes, we recommend midtone colors for your siding replacement to stand out while still complementing the overall color of your neighborhood.

Don’t Go Full Dark

Dark colors tend to absorb heat, which is why we don’t recommend getting a completely dark siding. Your home’s siding plays a big role in ventilating and insulating your home, after all, so a neutral tone is always the better choice year-round.

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