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How Natural Light Can Improve Your Quality of Life

More exposure to natural light can improve both your mental and physical health. In this article, Colonial Remodeling, LLC, a trusted local expert in metal roofing services and window installations, discusses the benefits of letting natural light into your home and shares some tips on how best to accomplish this.

Qualities of ENERGY STAR®-Qualified Replacement Windows

Choosing ENERGY STAR®-certified replacement windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency, which can help reduce your monthly energy consumption. Home remodeling contractor Colonial Remodeling, LLC discusses the qualities that make replacement windows qualified for ENERGY STAR certification.

3 Parts of a Home to Remodel First

Looking to upgrade part of your home? To determine which home improvement project to tackle first, you need to consider your priorities. Are you looking to boost your home’s curb appeal or enhance functionality, or perhaps both? Read on to learn about the advantages different projects like siding installation or roof replacement can offer.