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Fiber Cement Siding: Build Something Timeless with James Hardie

A knowledgeable siding consumer wants beautiful, high quality materials that will stand the test of time.  At Colonial Remodeling, we specialize in full, exterior remodeling projects.  We provide our clients with a better looking and more durable result by installing James Hardie fiber cement siding.  Vinyl siding does not provide the wood grain, rich finish that gives a home instant curb appeal.  James Hardie siding products provide deeper shadow lines and a natural wood grain texture, as they are twice as thick as their vinyl counterparts.  Plus, visible seams exposed by vinyl are an immediate giveaway that it is a plastic-based product.  James Hardie has no seams, which creates a more appealing aesthetic.   In addition to the curb appeal aspect, James Hardie fiber cement siding has several other advantages:

James Hardie Siding

Moisture and Rot Resistance

The first benefit to consider with fiber cement James Hardie siding in Arlington, VA is water resistance. Wood-composite or OSB siding often buckles, molds, and expands when exposed to the elements.  Vinyl may put your home at risk of water damage as well, especially around windows and trim joints.  This is where James Hardie products stand out against the competition.  Fiber cement is engineered to withstand moisture and rot.  Rain, sleet and snow are no match for James Hardie!

Durable over Time

As the years go on, vinyl and wood-composite siding will definitely show signs of aging.  But James Hardie products are created to withstand the demands of your specific climate.  Fiber Cement resists warping, cracking and splitting caused by exposure to weather and extreme temperatures.  It also stands up to damage from high winds and hail.  In addition, James Hardie siding will not sag or lose shape.  Another durability advantage of James Hardie is that is resists fading.  Your siding will look beautiful without excessive maintenance due to the added benefit of ColorPlus Technology.  This multi-coat baked-on finish ensures color quality and consistency.  At Colonial Remodeling, we believe in saving our homeowner time and money, which is why we are an Elite Preferred James Hardie Contractor.

Fire Protection

In case of fire, the Colonial Remodeling consumer wants to know they have made the safest possible choice when it comes to their family.  Fire feasts on wood, and it melts vinyl almost instantly.   James Hardie siding in McLean, VA will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame, nor will it contribute fuel to a fire.  Many insurance companies even offer a discount for the homeowner when they install a safer product like fiber cement.  No wonder James Hardie siding is endorsed by firefighters nationwide!

Unsusceptible to Pests

Woodpeckers, termites and other pests can wreak havoc on OSB or wood-composite siding.   James Hardie siding in Fairfax, VA offers little appeal to critters and will never be eaten by termites.  Here at Colonial Remodeling, we are often replacing damaged wood or OSB siding with James Hardie fiber cement.  Our clients are always thrilled with the results.  They get the beauty and character of wood with the durability and low maintenance of fiber cement.

It is no contest.  For long-lasting beauty, James Hardie fiber cement siding products with ColorPlus Technology are a winner all around. Call Colonial Remodeling at (703) 534-0800 to get started on your project today.

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