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Upgrades that are Often Overlooked in Older Homes

Since the beginning of the pandemic, home renovations have gone through the roof (pun intended). Homeowners are spending more time at home which has resulted in them seeing their spaces through fresh eyes. Many are adding outdoor kitchens, expanded living spaces, and planting gardens.

While cosmetic changes are visible and easy to see, there are many other upgrades that should be considered when you get an itch to renovate your home. Some are great for resale, others make your home more efficient, while some will increase your home’s overall value.

People crave space, and one way to expand the square footage in your home without an addition is by finishing your basement. Depending on its current state, this may include drywall, flooring, paint and finishes. The result will give your family more space to spread out and increase the value of your home.

Of course, first impressions are everything, and if you’re not one of the many people who upgraded their outdoor spaces last summer, now is your chance. How your home looks as people approach your home can signal how well your dwelling is maintained both inside and outside. From adding colorful annuals to updating the entire landscape, reimagining your curb appeal can help with resale plus it makes coming home more beautiful.

Besides landscaping, your doors play a large role in rounding out your curb appeal. Upgrading your front entrance with a steel door (yes, there are elegant styles in steel!) provides added security and offers energy efficiency that you’ll notice year-round.

Upgrading your garage doors dramatically impacts the overall look of your home. With so many styles and colors available, you can change the entire look of the front of your home while gaining security and energy efficiency.

Roofs are often ignored unless there is a water issue, yet upgrading your roof impacts energy efficiency, improves resale and enhances the look of your home. Consider solar energy options if you have to replace your roof as incentives may be available in your area.

Finally, evaluate your home’s heat, air conditioning and thermostat equipment for maximum energy efficiencies. App-driven smart thermostats are easy to program and make suggestions based on your in-home behavior. You will benefit from reduced energy costs, and future owners will appreciate your efforts.

By making smart investments, your older home will compete successfully with any house in your neighborhood and bring you and your family more joy in the process.

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