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Exterior Design Tips for Every Homeowner

While you want your home’s façade to stand out and create a positive impression, you also want it to blend well with the other homes in your neighborhood. Colonial Remodeling helps you find the recipe to a home that stands out just right. We list four tips you should remember for your next home improvement project:


#1. Balance Shapes with Symmetry
Whether you want to spruce up your exterior by repainting it or by installing new vinyl siding in Fairfax, VA, some semblance of balance and symmetry is necessary for it to appear pleasing to the eye. There are various ways to achieve a proportional exterior, depending on your home’s architecture. Some homeowners use obvious symmetry while others add sleek details. Either way, a home’s design elements should be proportional and balanced to appear clean and properly designed.

#2. Form Follows Function
The phrase “form follows function” essentially means that the building’s purpose should be the basis of the design. To achieve this, consider the needs of every member of your family and then decide on what you could incorporate into your home to accommodate those needs.

#3. Materials and Textures Count
When choosing the material for your exterior, find balance between durability and aesthetics. You also want your exterior to reflect your character. If you are a country person, for instance, you may want cedar and tumbled stone shingles. If you are a modern minimalist, you may want to incorporate sleek steel or dark wood panels.

#4. Choose Exterior Colors Wisely
Color choice is vital when it comes to your James Hardie vinyl siding in Fairfax, VA, as well as all other aspects of home decorating. It can hide flaws if chosen well and draw attention to them if not. The secret to effective color placement is selecting two tints from the same color strip that are a few shades apart. These can be used for the body and the trim, and a third contrasting color can be used to accentuate the door.

To prevent costly mistakes, it is best to work with a skilled contractor such as Colonial Remodeling. We even have online visual tools that can help you see how your color choices will fare on your home before you make that final financial investment.

Ensure the success of your next home improvement project by working with Colonial Remodeling. We can handle everything, from roofing, window, and door installation to the addition of porches and porticos. Call us today at (703) 534-0800 or fill out our form to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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